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The type of your fingerprints

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Focus areas and direction of your professional life

Sport, your playing position, recommended sports

Self-realisation models

Health and risk factors

Behavioural adaptation type

Nervous system potential


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UNIQUE BIOMETRIC TESTING IN Middle East and North Africa

About Dermatoglyphics

How does the test work?


the fingerprint formula is processed on the company's server


a personalised report is generated on the client's natural potential


fingerprint types are identified using a special scanner

Who needs it?



More than 500,000 people worldwide have taken the test.

We are very pleased to see such reviews, which show that our company exists for good reason.

We help people to find themselves and use their strengths when choosing sports clubs or a vocation.


Did You Know?

Genetic-test has done a lot of work to collect, analyse, verify and systematise disparate research and development in the field of dermatoglyphics.

For example, an experiment was conducted:

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